North West Population Health and Prevention Network (NWPHPN) is a multi-professional public health network funded by Health Education England - working across the North West. The network supports and develops the public health contribution and role of the healthcare, social care and voluntary sector workforce (wider public health workforce). The network that has an annual work programme based on the Health Education England mandate requirements and the NHS Long Term Plan.

The work programme is a shared plan between PHE NW and the school for Public Health NW. 

The network contributes to the vision set out in HEE Framework 15 and Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View 2017 - specifically the strategic intentions associated with reduced health inequalities and improved population health outcomes. Developing a healthcare workforce that is fit for future health needs where care and services are provided by informal as well as formal health care providers. Key characteristics of our future health care workforce includes preventing ill health and assisting people to manage their own health care as appropriate – NWPHPN will enable this role, helping to create healthy cultures in NHS organisations – starting with the workforce. (The Kings Fund)

The network is specifically aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing role of a wide range of professions such as nurses, allied health professionals, midwives, health visitors, care workers, social workers and healthcare scientists (this is not an exhaustive list) across a range of settings such as local authorities, primary care, secondary care community care and voluntary sector settings.

Network Key Functions:

  • Championing the importance and contribution of the wider public health workforce that is located across a wide variety of health care and voluntary sector settings
  • Supporting the population health and prevention role of the wider workforce through education, training, networking and information sharing

Why Join Us?

  • Access to a variety of updates, resources and opportunities to enhance your public health role.
  • Single point of contact for signposting to education and training opportunities here in the North West, including public health news, information and resources.
  • Help with the diffusion of ideas, research and information associated with public health including sharing public health work – particularly work led by the wider public health workforce.
  • Access to professional development opportunities – to include an annual events programme.

Learn more about the NW PHPN Team and Our Network Events.

Clinical Advisory Team for the North

NW PHPN team form part of a HEE North collaborative venture between 4 profession’s networks. See below:

Together, the clinical advisory team facilitates these professional networks to meet NHS priorities, professional requirements and the needs of local commissioners. It is led by experienced senior clinical professionals who provide strategic leadership and represent the interests of their professional groups at national, regional and local level.

One of its key aims is to raise the profile of these professional workforces with partners and stakeholders. NWPHPN exists independently and provides support across the North West, through meetings, events and its own work programme. We collaborate with the other networks where possible to ensure that public health learning and development opportunities take a multi professional approach.

Find out what is Public Health here.


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Becoming a member of the Population Health and Prevention Network gives you access to a wide variety of resources and opportunities to contribute and influence.