We are committed to supporting the professional development needs of our members associated with health and wellbeing practice, prevention and self-care as a core part of the offer of the network. As a new network we are keen to ensure that events that we provide resonate with and are meaningful in developing our members public health role and contribution in their own sphere of practice.

Some of that will include sign posting to existing resources such as E-learning programmes, courses, conferences, publications, news and updates. This will be an iterative process – and we will keep you updated via the monthly e-bulletin.

We anticipate that as the network develops and membership expands – our priorities and themes of work will emerge. These will be reflected in the events that we aim to run for our network members.

One of our initial pieces of work as a new network will be to undertake some insight work into understanding what our provider and partner organisations provide internally to develop the public health role and contribution of their own workforce.

Intelligence gathered from that exercise will help shape our events programme in the future.

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