Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) refer to some of the most intensive and frequently occurring sources of stress that children may suffer early in life. It has been shown that considerable and prolonged stress in childhood has life-long consequences for a person's health and well-being, with fascinating findings such as overeating and obesity often being used unconsciously as protective solutions to unrecognized problems dating back to childhood.

There is considerable work going on across the world from WHO to PH Wales and pockets in England. Regionally, Blackburn with Darwen are trailblazers in this arena – integrating ACE awareness, ACE informed training driven through their local Children's Partnership Board, ( sub-group of the Health and Wellbeing Board).

A UK study suggests those with 4 ACEs + are:

  • 2x more likely to have a poor diet 2
  • 3x more likely to smoke 1
  • 5x more likely to have had sex under 16 years 1
  • 6x more likely to have been pregnant or got someone accidently pregnant Under 18
  • 2x more likely to binge drink
  • 7x more likely to be involved in recent violence
  • 11x more likely to have been incarcerated
  • 11x more likely to have used heroin or crack

Read a summary and review of ACE activity nationally and internationally.

Download a recent powerpoint presentation on ACEs presented at a recent workshop in West Midlands by PHE.

For further information regarding the Blackburn with Darwen visit the Council website

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