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Social Prescribing in the North West

Social prescribing is about harnessing a range of non-clinical resources to develop interventions which can drive a prevention agenda by keeping people well, providing a level of protection, boosting resilience as well as creating new opportunities to support healing by providing different kinds of treatment and management options.

  • Social prescribing at a glance goes further:

    The words people use when discussing social prescribing were very different but they identified a number of common elements which highlighted:

    • the central role of an asset based approach to development
    • a stronger focus on wellness not illness
    • an emphasis on the importance of personal choice and control in achieving and maintaining wellbeing
    • the need to re-imagine future workforce development and training needs with new kinds of bridging roles
    • the value of this approach in terms of the potential to contribute to real transformation of health and care systems through joint endeavour.

Read HEE's e-Learning for Healthcare 'Social Prescribing - Learning for Link Workers' here. This e-learning resource has been developed for social prescribing link workers and includes the core elements and skills required to do the job and deliver social prescribing as part of a PCN multi-disciplinary team.


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