What will it provide?

A community of learning to enable wider health and social care professionals and organisations to engage with and apply the insights, methodologies and knowledge of behavioural and social sciences into their work.

 Membership of the hub will provide you with access to free North West learning opportunities and events, membership of the community of practice with access to resources, expertise regionally and nationally. and connecting to others in this sphere of work.

The hub will support workforce development and new ways of working for those leading health behaviour work across the health and care system.

The North West regional hub will mirror the development of similar behavioural science networks which have been developed or are in development in the Midlands and other areas and will work with the PHE Behavioural Insight Team.

The community of practice will help you to Connect with others that are interested in applying behavioural science tools and techniques to improve health outcomes in the communities we serve.

The regional hub will be hosted and managed by the National Behavioural Science and Public Health Network (BHSPHN) https://www.bsphn.org.uk/

BSPHN are national thought leaders and are supporting a number of regional behavioural science hubs across the country. Development of the NW regional hub is a collaborative between PHE North West and HEE North West working with key partners across the system.

If you would like to submit a case study to the BSPHN, please use the attached document.


Become a member

Becoming a member of the Population Health and Prevention Network gives you access to a wide variety of resources and opportunities to contribute and influence.